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To consistently deliver products that will live up to our name, our tradition and our credo. It means that, unlike our competitors, we will not offer an array of coffee, teas and related products for you to choose on our website but instead we will present only a few items, but with the highest quality, grade and standards possible in the market.

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If you love the taste and aroma of hazelnut coffee, our hazelnut flavored coffee are just what you've been waiting for ,the nutty flavor of fresh hazelnut! We use only high quality flavorings -- carefully balanced to mildly enhance the already wonderful, natural coffee

5,000 ft. above sea level and near the border of Guatemala, the Mexican state of Chiapas produces a light bodied coffee which displays high floral tones reminiscent of a dry white wine

Grown in the Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii and known for having a consistently high quality, and for the rigorous quality control measures used in Hawaii to ensure that only the finest coffee is sold under the Kona label. The taste is smooth, creamy and sweet medium bodied with a hint of chocolate.

Peru has been producing coffees of superior quality in recent years. This coffee showcases a rich and lively flavor in a cup that features a mild acidity and moderate body.

Peach Flavored Tea with Peaches & Flowers

Caramel Sauce for professional use. Make great coffee drinks, recipes on label. Monin Pump NOT INCLUDED.