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To consistently deliver products that will live up to our name, our tradition and our credo. It means that, unlike our competitors, we will not offer an array of coffee, teas and related products for you to choose on our website but instead we will present only a few items, but with the highest quality, grade and standards possible in the market.

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Our dark roast blend pulls out all the magnificent flavor from each bean. We are one of the few company that first we roast and then we blend each type of coffee, so you can have an incredible full flavor of coffee while you are sipping it.

Hibiscus, Lemon peel, orange peel, rosehips, and rose petals with Lemon flavor

Grown in the Guatemala coffee district of Antigua in the central highlands, this coffee is aromatic and fragrant with a medium body. Guatemala's own unique smoky flavor is well balanced with the "spicy twist" you may detect in this coffee. Guatemalan coffee is popular in Europe where it is often used in espresso blends.

Black tea , ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom and cinnamon, ginger and vanilla flavor

5,000 ft. above sea level and near the border of Guatemala, the Mexican state of Chiapas produces a light bodied coffee which displays high floral tones reminiscent of a dry white wine

Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans come from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Considered as some of the smoothest coffees in the world, Sumatran beans are very low in acidity and feature a heavy body with some distinct chocolaty undertone. Dark Sumatra is very popular in the American Northwest, and is a regular offering of some of the finest coffee shops